This free Self-Assessment Questionaire is a way to help people better understand themselves. If you currently shoplift or have shoplifted in the past, you can learn more about yourself and your future vulnerability to shoplifting by completing this free Self-Assessment Questionnaire in the privacy of your home. This will help you to better evaluate whether your issue with shoplifting is related to your overall perceptions of yourself and others, is part of a past traumatic life event or suggests the existence of some addictive, psychological or physiological disorder which might easily be resolved.

Once you complete this comprehensive
Self-Assessment, you will immediately receive electronic feedback on your results and the cause of your problem, along with recommendations from NASP regarding what specific kind of action you can take in order to prevent the possibility of a future incident.

If you have already completed the Self-Assessment and would like to view your results again, enter the user name you created.


There are three (3) parts to the Self-Assessment and a total of 171 questions to answer, which should take you about 30 minutes to complete. You can start and come back at any time as long as you don't close out the program on your computer, but you must complete all 3 parts before you can get your Personal Evaluation With Recommendations.

To keep your Self-Assessment confidential, it is not necessary for you to reveal your true identify. However, in the event that you later choose to contact us, we will ask that you (at least) make up a fictitious name and number in the beginning.


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